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PM Gakharia speaks about on 'current challenges' at government meeting

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, December 23
At the December 19 session, Prime Minister of Georgia said authorities are doing their best for the improvement of the education sector and implementation of systemic reforms. Gakharia said as for the youth care, "it should be far more effective, productive and preventing similar tragic developments."

As noted by the Head of Government of Georgia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia should take care of ensuring an environment tailored to children, in terms of creating space for interviewing the youth at their premises, which is believed to be very important.

“Ministry of Education of Georgia together with all other institutions should take care of improving professional qualifications on a permanent and lifelong basis for all the civil servants or individuals that interact with children and youth,” PM noted.

According to him, the Ministry of Education has one of the most significant functions towards identifying the problems in a practical and preventive manner, which may occur in daily school life among children and youth.

“Ministry of Justice of Georgia should take care of the legal framework protecting children when they interact with the law-enforcement system. It is very important and of course the Ministry of Health of Georgia should take care of the problems that may affect the psychology of children and youth,” added Gakharia.

As the Head of Government of Georgia, a lot has been done towards juvenile justice in the country, especially by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Nevertheless, further steps need to be taken by authorities more efficiently.

The Inter-Agency Work-Group Meeting was also held.

According to the Head of Government Administration of Georgia, Natia Mezvrishvili authorities are doing their best to improve the education system and implement systemic reforms; country has fairly sound legislation focused on the best interests of the child with a great contribution of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, although many challenges exist in practice.

The meeting today was attended by Deputy Ministers of Education, Health, Justice and Interior, Deputy Ombudsman, representatives of NGOs working on the rights of the child, psychologists and experts.

Work-Group Meeting participants agreed that coordination will continue and concrete proposals will be developed along with recommendations to facilitate the eradication of faults experienced in the process of juvenile justice, along with an improvement of physical and psychic healthcare mechanisms of children at education institutions.