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Thursday, December 26
By Liza Mchedlidze

Tbilisi City Court began examination process of Ilia Jishkariani case

Tbilisi City Court has begun the examination process of Tbilisi City Council MP, Ilia Jishkariani’s physical abuse and attempted sexual harassment case against his former assistant Tamta Todadze who did not attend the process.

Ilia Jishkariani does not confess to the crime and his lawyer Mariam Kublashvili stated in the courtroom that he is the one victimized from psychological abuse.

Mariam Kublashvil presented the conclusion of psychological and linguistic expertise. She argues that Tamta Todadze’s lawyers’ only proof is her testimony and that her expertise conclusion proves that both Tamta’s and Tamta’s mother’s testimonies are identical and have been dictated by the investigator.

Todadze’s lawyer Tamta Lukava responded to Kublashvili’s allegations and said that she is not aware of what's written in the conclusion of expertise but it is natural that family members speak alike. She also noted that there are other proofs in the case which prove that Ilia Jishkariani is in fact guilty.

The prosecution has found Tamta Todadze a victim and charged Jishkariani with 10 000 GEL bail on the basis of Prosecution’s demand.

Zourabishvili on her right to pardon inmates

President Salome Zourabishvili spoke about a presidential pardon of inmates. In her interview with the Public Broadcaster, she stated that there is nothing problematic in the president’s pardoning of inmates of any background.

“Any inmate, even those detained for very grave crimes may be granted a pardon if a president is willing to do so,” said the president.

She said that pardoning is not only meant for innocent inmates.

“We don’t pardon angels and innocent people. Pardoning does not mean that one was innocent. Rather, the ground for it is that they have confessed to the crime,” said Zourabishvili.

The President noted that she believes there should be no discussion over the possibility of a second trial for the pardoned.

On the Saint Virgin Mary Day of 2019, Zourabishvili pardoned several inmates. Out of the total, 34 detainees were found guilty for murder.

A process for working out a renewed format of a presidential pardon is underway.