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Thursday, January 9
By Liza Mchedlidze

Detained Archbishop’s brother to release Patriarchate of Georgia’s pedophilia and incest proofs

Detained Archbishop Giorgi Mamaladze’s brother Tornike Mamaladze states that they will publicize the information and proofs of pedophilia and incest within the Patriarchate of Georgia.

After meeting with Archibishop Giorgi Mamaladze during the visiting hour, Tornike Mamaladze stated that the Society will be provided with proofs and information regarding the problems of pedophilia, incest, and sodomy in the Patriarchate of Georgia. According to him, there are various proofs and witnesses who are going to speak themselves and tell what they have witnessed.

The court found Archbishop Giorgi Mamaladze guilty of preparing to assassinate Patriarch Ilia II secretary, Shorena Tetruashvili. Giorgi Mamaladze does not plead guilty. President Salome Zourabischvili announced the decision of not pardoning him.

Former Doctors of Blood Bank hold rally demanding the pay

Former doctors of Natalia Kvantaliani Blood Bank have been demanding the salary debt of 6-8 months for 15 days with holding rallies in front of their former workplace.

The medical personnel went on a hunger strike until December 29 and burned a Christmas tree to symbolize how they were deprived of celebrations other people are normally celebrating.

“We have been demanding the payment what we worked for, no more and no less. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the dispute peacefully and constructively, due to the prominent careless and false attitude of the employer, we still had to resort to the most extreme forms of protest: first street protests, then hunger strikes.

It is New Year's day now and we should be going home from work to get ready for celebrations and spend precious time with our families, but you stole our money and Christmas.”

Giorgi Gakharia and Elizabeth Rudd hold a meeting

Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia and US ambassador Elizabeth Rudd held a meeting and discussed plans, 2019 year accomplishments and the situation in the Middle East.

The meeting was attended by Liz Zentos, Head of Political-Economic Department of the US Embassy and Irakli Chikovani, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Georgia on International Affairs.

Sides discussed the achievements and plans of US-Georgia bilateral cooperation during the past year.

The meeting also focused on the situation in the Middle East and related security issues.