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Wednesday, January 22
By Liza Mchedlidze

Davit Zalkaliani about occupation line with EU representative Toivo Klaar

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Zalkaliani held a meeting with EU representative Toivo Klaar and discussed recent developments at the occupation line.

According to the minister, he emphasized the need for the international community to respond appropriately to illegal processes during the meeting with Klaar.

“At the meeting with Toivo Klaar, we had a very detailed discussion regarding the situation on the occupied territory. I have emphasized Georgia’s position regarding the illicit processes of occupation which is connected to borderization. I addressed the EU representative who happens to be one of the main figures at the Geneva process, to raise the matter exceptionally in their bilateral dialogue with the Russian Federation, as well as with the occupation regimes,” said Zalkaliani.

According to the EU representative Toivo Klaar, precisely this issue and the recent developments at the occupation line will be the main issues at the meeting of co-chairs with the occupation regime representatives. Klaar stated that everything should be done to open the so-called checkpoints.

Natia Turnava hopes Russia abolishes flight restrictions

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable development Natia Turnava stated that she has hope flights between Georgia and Russia will soon be renewed and the Russian Federation will abolish flight limitations.

Turnava said that despite restrictions, Russian tourists arrive in Georgia by land and indirect flights.

“We wish that this completely unreasonable restriction is abolished and flights are resumed. Last years results showed that, despite all, the number of tourists in Georgia is increasing, including Russian tourists arriving by other means, by land or indirect flights.”

“Russian tourists themselves are arriving and confirming that Georgia is a safe tourist country for them. I have no information, but with common sense, I expect, they will realize that this restriction makes no sense,” says Turnava.

According to President Putin's decision, Russia has suspended flights to Georgia since July 8, preceded by rallies against Russian occupation.