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Photo Exhibition - "Jerusalem is not just a city"

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, January 29
Tbilisi Museum of History presents a photo exhibition by Dmitry Brickman, "Jerusalem is not just a city". The exhibition will open on February 8 and will continue until February 18.

The works displayed at the exhibition feature photos showing Jerusalem through the eyes of Dmitry Brickman, where things are always noticeably shifting.

The exhibit compiles 120 photographs that show the broad spectrum of religious and cultural heritages represented in the city, has toured the world since 2019, going on display in Russia and the neighboring Muslim nation of Kazakhstan.

The Israeli embassy invited Brickman to bring the exhibit to the Uzbek capital Tashkent in early 2018. The Uzbek foreign ministry announced it would not allow the exhibit to go up, citing its title, “Jerusalem is not just a city.”

According to The Times of Israel, no Israel-sponsored event could have “Jerusalem” in its title, Uzbek officials explained.

Brickman said that the officials told him the exhibit would only go on if he changed the title to remove the reference to Jerusalem.