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Tuesday, February 4
By Liza Mchedlidze

Evacuated Georgian citizens to France tested negative for Coronavirus

Two Georgian citizens evacuated from China’s Coronavirus breakout city Wuhan tested negative for Coronavirus, but will remain under intense medical care for two weeks, the Deputy Director of the Consular Department of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Konstantinidi says.

“Yesterday, two Georgian citizens were evacuated from the city of Wuhan to France. They are currently in a facility where they will undergo medical supervision for two weeks. According to preliminary data, they have undergone appropriate medical procedures and no new coronavirus has been identified or symptomed at this time,” said Konstantinidi.

According to him, the health condition of the evacuated citizens in Turkey is satisfactory and there are no symptoms of Coronavirus.

“After the evacuation yesterday, when 3 of our citizens were transferred to the relevant medical facility in Turkey, they are feeling better. They have also undergone appropriate medical procedures and their health is satisfactory. Coronavirus symptoms were not detected in this case either. Our embassies in France and Turkey continue to monitor and provide information to the public," noted Constantinid.

The World Health Organisation has declared a state of emergency due to the spread of coronavirus.

Fired employees of Frontera Eatern Georgia to start legal case against company

Former employees of oil company Frontera Western Georgia are demanding 11 months of payroll and return to their jobs. There are 84 former employees in total and according to them, the total debt is almost one million GEL.

The fired employees of an oil company gathered in the village of Dedoplistskaro to protest. Iveri Tsiklauri, a former employee of Frontera Western Georgia, said that the protests will continue simultaneously to legal dispute:

"We want our salaries! This is the main requirement. This debt has accumulated for two years. We were not paid salaries from time to time- two months, then three months. We abide by the norms provided by Georgian legislation."

The oil company fired its employees after they went on a strike, demanding their salaries, and sent notice via mail.

Former Frontera employees say they are suing for illegal firing and unpaid salaries. In addition to money, they also demand they return to work.