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Franco-German day and meeting with students on February 7

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, February 11
Franco-German day and meeting with students took place on February 7 at Robert Schuman European School.

The French and German Embassies celebrate Franco-German Day on January 22 all over the world.

In Georgia, the Ambassador of France, H.E. Diego Colas and his German counterpart, H.E. Hubert Knirsch jointly marked and commemorated this important moment in front of a hundred Georgian students and their teachers by visiting the school group on Friday at Robert Schuman European School, which brings together establishments where French and German are taught: Ecole Saint-Exupery and Ecole Ani-Zet.

The meeting aimed to demonstrate to young audiences the importance of Franco-German reconciliation and its role in the history of European construction and favor of world peace. It was also intended to raise awareness of the close relations in all fields between the diplomatic and cultural representations of the two countries and the projects jointly carried out by them in the service of Georgia as a member of the Eastern Partnership.

On January 22, 2002, the Treaty on Franco-German Cooperation and Integration of Aachen entered into force, one year after it was signed by the President of the French Republic and the German Federal Chancellor, and 57 years to the day after the Elysee Treaty, which marked France and Germany’s historic reconciliation, was signed by General de Gaulle and Federal Chancellor Adenauer.

The Elysee Treaty was supplemented by the Aachen Treaty, signed on January 22, 2019, which aims to adapt it to contemporary challenges, to reaffirm the friendship between the French and German societies and to provide for enhanced cooperation, genuine convergence in all areas, and a joint commitment to the construction of a united, democratic and sovereign Europe.

Across the globe, French and German embassies are taking various joint initiatives to enhance our cooperation to the benefit of our citizens and our shared values.

French-German cultural and scientific cooperation is particularly strong, drawing on an extensive network of institutions.