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Chinese Ambassador: Hopefully, Georgia will lift the temporary restrictions soon

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Tuesday, February 11
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Georgia Li Yan hopes that the restrictions imposed by the countries will be made following the recommendations of the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of new coronavirus causing pneumonia.

The ambassador also responded to the restrictions imposed by Georgia at a press conference at the embassy today and said she hopes Georgia will lift them soon.

I would like to emphasize that Georgia does not need to be overly nervous. The World Health Organization has made clear that travel and trade restrictions on China are not recommended. We hope that Georgia will abolish these interim measures as soon as possible to ensure the smooth flow of China-Georgia trade and ongoing projects to jointly promote the continued and healthy development of China-Georgia relations and practical cooperation in various fields, said Ambassador Li Yan.

Georgia temporarily suspended direct flights to China to avoid a new coronavirus. It also banned the import of animals from China to Georgia, in particular, ornamental turtles and fish.

According to Chinese officials, the number of deaths from pneumonia-related coronavirus reached 908 on February 10. To date, one person has died in Hong Kong who has the status of Special Administrative District of China and one person died in the Philippines.

The death toll from the new virus has exceeded the number of SARS deaths in 2002-2003, with coronavirus. This virus has killed about 800 people.

According to official information, 40171 people are infected with 2019-nCoV in China. About 36 thousand are treated in hospitals. 6,500 of them are in serious condition. 3 300 people were discharged from the clinics.

Other than china, there are 25 countries where cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.

The outbreak of pneumonia-causing coronavirus 2019-nCoV began in December in the Chinese city of Hubei province, Wuhan. Most of the deaths were reported in this province.

The World Health Organization has declared a state of emergency due to the spread of a new species of coronavirus.

There were several cases in which some Georgian thought was coronavirus, but none of them turned out to be the infection.

China has strongly defended its epidemic control measures, including locking down several cities in central Hubei province, where the outbreak has been concentrated. More than 50 million people are under virtual quarantine in Hubei, but outlying cities, towns and villages have enacted varying restrictions and other countries have severely restricted travel to and from China.