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Kakha Kaladze responds to Vake Park hotel investor, says he still offers relocation

By Liza Mchedlidze
Tuesday, February 18
The Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze responded to the Vake Park construction investor's offer to relocate.

“Conversations through briefings is a new thing. He does not have any communication problems with us. We express readiness regarding the relocation if he still wishes to relocate,” said Kaladze.

Vake Park Hotel Construction company offers Tbilisi City Mall to build a restaurant instead of the hotel.

On February 17, investor company head Giorgi Zakaidze said that they would revive the restaurant Budapest, built in 1958. He also noted that the restaurant would be the same height as it was in the past. It was a 480 square meters, two-floor restaurant.

“We would like to address Tbilisi City Hall with the initiative which suggests that Hotel Budapest will not be built. We saw a presentation of Vake Park and the rehabilitation of a historic cascade. We would like to be a part of this process,” said Zakaidze.

Giorgi Zakaidze accused Tbilisi City Mall of not responding. According to him, they suggested Tbilisi City Hall, construction of Sports Complex, Cafe and swimming pool but they did not get approval. Tbilisi City Hall suggested relocation of the construction site in the area next to Oncology Hospital but they declined.

A month ago the investor company announced that it had the right to build a hotel in Vake Park and was planning to resume construction. Tiflis Kostava's director Giorgi Zakaidze claimed that they had a construction permit and a court ruling in all three instances on the right to build.

Zakaidze noted that the company submitted an audit report to the City Hall based on which they had to reimburse their investment, but stated that they did not receive proper alternative plans from The City Hall.

The Vice Mayor told reporters that the hotel in Vake Park will not be built.