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Tuesday, February 18
By Liza Mchedlidze

Protest rally supporting Adjara TV journalists was held in Akhaltsikhe

'Solidarity with Adjara TV Journalists,' 'Freedom to Media' - Journalists and representatives of civil society organizations in Akhaltsikhe expressed solidarity with Adjara TV journalists and held a rally in front of Shota Rustaveli statue.

Rally participant Rusudan Gvaramadze said that the recent developments in Adjara TV have threatened media freedom in the country. They have expressed their support to colleagues:

“Every government has lost a war to the media, this will not be an exception, We support our colleagues at Ajara TV.”

In solidarity, Tamuna Uchidze said: “These people know the price of independence, they know how real journalism is done and they serve the people, not the government. When the director of Adjara Public Broadcaster wants to fire such people, It is already clear what we are dealing with."

Journalists gathered in front of the parliament in Tbilisi on February 17 to express their solidarity with Adjara TV.

On February 16, protests were held in Batumi and Kutaisi.

Georgian-made medicines confiscated in occupied Tskhinvali by so-called Interior Ministry

Occupied region of Tskhivali’s de-facto Interior Ministry has started confiscation of Georgian-made drugs.

Agency Resi stated that on February 17, the so-called Committee fighting economic crimes have discovered medicaments with Georgian writings in two pharmacies and confiscated them. The information was listing 6 Georgian-made medicines.

The trade of Georgian produced medicaments in the Tskhinvali region is prohibited by the de-facto government.

According to Radio Tvaupleba, locals confirm that doctors in the region suggest their patients use Georgian-produced medicines because they do not have quality control mechanisms in occupied Tskhinvali. Mainly, Russia is importing medicines in Tskhinvali.