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Financial education program for agro entrepreneurs

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, February 24
To support the development of agribusiness, the National Bank of Georgia has developed a new financial education program and a practical guide specifically for farmers - 'Make Better Financial Solutions.'

The project was implemented in cooperation with the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE/DF) and with the involvement of the Civil Development Agency (CiDA).

Within the framework of the program, on February 21-22, at the National Bank of Georgia, CIA experts conducted financial awareness-raising training for agribusiness consultants and trainers, which further improved the quality of consultations provided by the participants.

The program also aims to help agribusiness entrepreneurs choose the most appropriate financial product and make the right financial decisions, depending on their business needs and abilities. The guide and training module developed in the framework of the program, which includes a guide and presentation for trainers and agribusinesses, addresses the needs of agribusiness. The program's design is simple and is packed with practical examples, tips, and standards to help the entrepreneur easily apply their theoretical skills to practice.

Entrepreneurs will be able to independently determine the short-term or long-term needs of the business, to identify their rights and responsibilities. As a result of the training, entrepreneurs will learn how to increase the competitiveness of his business with energy-efficient investments, learn about the importance and opportunities of agro insurance.

The head of the National Bank's financial education and consumer protection department Lasha Gzirishvili, talked about the importance of the sector. As he said, the development of agribusiness ensures the development of the country’s economy. He also talked about the importance of the program and thanked the international partners who helped the National Bank of Georgia to implement the program.

Markus Aschendorf, EFSE Development Program Executive Director also talked about the program.

“Creating an appropriate environment for the development of micro and small entrepreneurship is one of the main goals of the EFSE development program and in this regard, the National Bank of Georgia is our important partner. Financial education and right financial decisions are important prerequisites for entrepreneurs' success, and we are proud to continue to partner with the NBG to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed in their businesses,” noted Aschendorf.

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) is the central bank of Georgia. Its status is defined by the Constitution of Georgia. The main objective of the National Bank is to ensure price stability.