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Friday, March 13
By The Messenger Staff

12 000 beds and 2 000 breathing machines available at Georgian hospitals

Head of the National Disease Control Centre Amiran Gamkrelidze spoke about resources necessary for treatment of patients infected with Coronavirus.

“We have estimated when we might reach the peak of the epidemic, the number of beds and ventilation machines that will be needed,” noted Gamkrelidze, adding that the information won’t be made public.

He also remarked that the number of beds and breathing machines (12 000 beds and 2 000 breathing machines) are sufficient for now.

Gamkrelidze also spoke about the responsibilities of the hospitals.

“I appeal to my colleagues and to all hospitals. I ask that there should be appropriate preparedness. The licensing conditions state that each hospital must have a so-called hospitality system, emergency preparedness plans, including relevant supplies (medicines, protection products, consumables, etc.),” said Gamkrelidze.

According to the head of the center, 90% of hospitals in Georgia are private.

“The pandemic and the infection do not know the private and the state, we must all be united. I appeal to the strong private sector in Georgia, both hospital and pharmaceutical sectors - not to take advantage of this situation when there is a certain shortage of consumables worldwide. Let us be solid,” Gamkrelidze said.

According to the latest data, there are 25 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Georgia.

3 persons forced into quarantine for violating self-isolation rules

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that the three people in Kutaisi, Batumi and Marneuli broke the rules of self-isolation and were forced into quarantine.

Deputy Minister of Health of Adjara Nino Nizharadze confirmed the incident in Batumi.

"In case of violation of the rules set by the self-isolating citizen, according to the decision of the Public Health Service (NCDC), the police will ensure that a person is internally quarantined,” the MIA explains.

The Office reiterates that all persons in the territory of Georgia are obliged to comply with the requirements of the Georgian legislation in the field of public health and to respect the decisions of the Public Health Service.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the National Center for Disease Control, is actively monitoring the citizens of self-isolation throughout Georgia to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus,” reads the statement.