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Friday, April 3
By Liza Mchedlidze

Locally made Face masks to be launched in pharmacies next week, Turnava says

The minister of economy and sustainable development Natia Turnava stated that the new locally produced face masks will be launched in pharmacies starting next week.

According to her, the distribution of the first batch of face masks was carried out, taking priorities into consideration.

Natia Turnava told reporters that now the healthcare system is at the stage when they are able to launch face masks in pharmacies under certain conditions and prices.

I presume we are now entering the stage when we will be able to give the first batch of face masks to pharmacy chains and distribute it to citizens. It has to be available to the majority of people, further details will be announced later, said Turnava.

Govt members and MPs to donate ? of 3-month salary to Covid-19 fund

Each member of the government and parliamentary majority will transfer 1/3 of their 3 month salary to the Coronavirus Fighting Fund, the executive secretary of the Georgian Dream party Irakli Kobakhidze stated at the briefing held at the ruling party office.

Kobakhidze stated that the decision was made based on ongoing discussions and consultations within the party in order to express solidarity with citizens. Kobakhidze expressed hope that other members of the party would be able to make additional contributions to the fund.

To support our fellow citizens, on the basis of the ongoing discussions within the team discussion and consultations, we have decided that Georgian dream representatives in the Government or the Parliament will donate ? of the 3-month salary to the fund fighting Coronavirus. We express readiness to make additional moves for the prevention of the virus. We are sure that other party members, despite the difficult situation, are able to donate more in the aforementioned fund and thus express solidarity to our citizens.

According to Kobakhidze, including the professionalisms of those fighting the epidemic and its consequences, solidarity is the most important which will help Georgians win against the virus with the minimal damage.