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Liberty bank continues paying pensions from bank’s own resources

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, April 28
Chief executive officer of Liberty bank, Vasil Khodeli announced about the project, which started in March, and intends transferring GEL 100 million of bank’s own recourse to be used for giving out pensions in advance to the 70+ age citizens, who are considered to be in the highest risk group.

As the press release, published on the official web page of Liberty bank, informs, pensions will be transferred in advance on April 27th to the social cards of recipients of age 70 and over. Using the card will be able instantly.

Pensioners from age 60 to 70 will also receive their pensions ahead of time with the support of the government of Georgia. The exact date of transferring will be determined in a few days.

The press release states that pensioners prefer using cash over cards, which according to the recommendations of the National Center of Disease Control, constitutes a danger of spreading the virus. Therefore, to avoid this, pensioners of all ages will be able to withdraw cash gradually, according to the schedule elaborated by the bank, which is visible on especially developed platform