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The medical facility forced to requite for the damage caused by the misconduct

By Anastasia Sokhadze
Wednesday, May 13
According to GYLA, a patient died on December 5, 2014, as a result of improper treatment by the doctor of the Akhmeta Regional Emergency Medical Service. According to them, the patient's parents complained that the ambulance had performed a wrong medical operation, failing to comply with the recognised medical standards, which led to the patient's death. Apart from the wrong medical action, the ambulance was not equipped with the appropriate medical equipment.

The court pointed to the fact that despite the patient's complaints (severe chest pain which was reported at the time of the ambulance call), the medical staff did not take an electrocardiogram due to lack of proper equipment and did not consider these complaints to be notable enough.

Considering the established factual circumstances, the court concluded that the damage caused in the case under consideration (death of the plaintiff's son) was caused by the shortcomings in the treatment process by the medical staff. It should be noted that the Georgian legislation does not explicitly provide for the possibility of compensation for moral damages to a medical institution due to the death of a close relative of the person.

Eventually, the court assessed the situation to be a precondition for moral damages.