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The International Day for Protection of Children in Georgia

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, June 2
In regards to June 1st, The International Day for Protection of Children, political unity Lelo for Georgia organised a symbolic procession ‘Lelo for children- a new power, new hope.’ Participants congratulated the children in Tbilisi as well as in different regions of Georgia. Aside from this, the representatives of the authorities shared statements amid protecting children and their rights.

Public defender of Georgia (Ombudsman), shared a statement regarding the influence of COVID-19 on the children. According to the statement, under the world pandemic, risk of poverty in children, child abuse and neglect have increased. The Ombudsman paid attention to the effect of quarantine mode and isolation and notes that his factors have become additional hindrances that negatively affect the psychological condition of children.

“The pandemic has made the situation of vulnerable groups of children worse. Juveniles with disabilities, or those in poverty, state care, religious boarding schools, or on the street should be provided with an effective support system by the State in accordance with their needs and risks,” reads the statement.

According to the Facebook post published on the personal account of the Head of the government administration, Natia Mezvrishvili, with the assistance of partner international organisations, non-governmental sector and Public Defender, “the government has done a lot for children in the last few years, especially for the ones in the justice system.” She noted that Georgia has one of the most decent legislation worldwide, in the direction of child defence and the whole effort should be focused on its proper execution.

Mezvrishvili believes that the prosperity of children, overcoming poverty, corresponding care to the disabled children and providing them with fair social conditions, accessibility to education, protecting their best interests whilst executing justice and fighting against child abuse should always remain on the agenda.

The Prosecutor's office of Georgia releases a statement as well. According to the statement, the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia is actively working on the development of a justice system suitable for children. An environment suitable for a child implies appropriate legislation, specialised professionals, and infrastructural arrangements to prevent re-victimization of the victim juvenile during the proceedings. They find it important to administer justice in accordance with the best interests of the juvenile, both to the witness and the victim juveniles, and to juveniles in conflict with the law.

As the statement notes, it is extremely important for them to ensure prompt and effective justice for juveniles. For this purpose, the Prosecutor's Office has developed a mechanism for the diversion of juveniles and the monitoring of criminal cases of juvenile offenders, within the framework of which the criminal cases are systematically studied and the analysis of the results of justice is presented to the public.