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EU launches three new projects to support vulnerable groups affected by the COVID-19

By Khatia Bzhalava
Thursday, June 4
The EU assists Georgia to commence three new projects, which intends to overcome the problems caused by COVID-19 pandemic in internally displaced and disabled people, and the victims of domestic violence. The project will be implemented by EU’s partner local public organisations:, Women’s Information Center, Coalition For Independent Living and The IDP Women Association Consent.

As the EU ambassador to Georgia, Carl Hartzell said, the EU has been by Georgia’s side since day one of the recent crisis and will continue to do so.

“The well-being of persons especially vulnerable to the pandemic will remain a particular focus area as we develop our Covid-19 related assistance to Georgia. We have mobilised resources as quickly as possible, and today I am happy to announce three important new projects supporting victims of domestic violence, internally displaced persons, and persons with disabilities. The projects will be implemented country wide by experienced and dedicated civil society organisations with whom we look forward to working closely in the coming months.” Noted Hartzell.

The first project, conducted by Women’s Information Center aims to enhance support to help the victims of domestic violence. Mass isolation and curfew, which took place due to the virus outbreak, generally increases the risk of domestic violence. The project will assist women legally and psychologically via the internet or telephone, will inform them about the services available for the victims of domestic violence, and will work in cooperation with local authorities to develop reaction plans. The project covers the regions of Shida Kartli and Samegrelo and will include internally displaced persons and the community affected as a result of conflicts.

The second project led by the Coalition For Independent Living serves the purpose to support disabled people in times of COVID-19 crisis. As a result of enacting preventive measures against the pandemic, obtaining several crucial state services has been temporarily restricted. A lot of Disabled people require support for the affordability of food, medicine and other products and services of primary needs. In addition, there is scarcely enough specific information regarding COVID-19 for these people. The project provides support to the disabled persons in the regions of Adjara, Guria, Samegrelo- Zemo Svaneti, Imereti, and Shida Kartli and will deliver information and various services to persons with disabilities.

The third project headed by The IDP Women Association “Consent” intends to increase the resilience and safety of internally displaced persons and the communities affected by the conflicts. IDPs are usually economically vulnerable. Commonly, shops and Pharmacies are far from their settlements. Restricting economical activities and other Quarantine measures have affected them negatively. The project will operate in the settlements of IDPs in Samegrelo, Imereti, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli and Racha-Lechkhumi, and will provide them with humanitarian assistance, training, psychological and medical help to facilitate improving their conditions.