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Tamar Bachaliashvili’s mother requests to meet with PM

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, August 3
The mother of Tamar Bachaliashvili, a 23-year-old programmer, who was found dead in her car a few weeks ago, demands a meeting with the PM. “I want to meet with Gakharia if he respects me, I want to hear what he has to say. I know that this man said that the cases of Bachaliashvili and Shakarashvili should be investigated. I want to know what he has to say directly from him,” said the mother of Bachaliashvili with reporters.

According to the mother of the deceased, the family requests the names of the three high-ranking officials, whose files - according to TV Formula - Tamar Bachaliashvili saw. 23-year-old programmer Tamar Bachaliashvili went missing on July 18th. After a 4-day search, on July 22nd, her body was found in a car parked a few tens of meters away from the road in the village of Matsevani, Tetritskaro Municipality, in an uninhabited area.

The case was initially investigated on the grounds of unlawful deprivation of liberty, and the article on leading to suicide was added on July 24th, the day after the body was found.

Tamar Bachaliashvili's mother also says that the ongoing investigation into her daughter’s death is working on a job-related version. The deceased worked two jobs in parallel with her studies. One of them is the web development company Zeg. The second job is yet unknown.

The family suspects that Tamar had been fraudulently taken to the place due to work-related circumstances. According to Teona Tamazashvili, the investigation found additional cameras installed in one of the fish restaurants in the village of Tbisi, Tetritskaro district. However, the village of Tbisi is far from the place where the body of a young woman was found.

According to Tamar Bachaliashvili's family lawyer Mikheil Ramishvili, the investigation is still going through the case materials. As Ramishvili said after leaving the investigative agency, all the versions that were spread in the media should exist and be responded to. The lawyer stated that the investigation does not rule out the version that Tamar Bachaliashvili's case may be related to her service. According to the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the case of Tamar Bachaliashvili's death is being investigated by the Central Criminal Police Department.