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Georgian Dream - 52%, UNM-19% - British company Survation publishes interim survey commissioned by Rustavi 2

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Friday, August 14
At the request of Rustavi 2, the authoritative company Survation published a public opinion poll.

1 200 people of electoral age were interviewed and asked questions by the company about the upcoming parliamentary elections, their economic situation, and the work of the institutions.

If the parliamentary elections were held today, which of the following parties would you vote for? The votes were distributed as follows:

Georgian Dream - 52%
UNM - 19%
European Georgia - 8%
Alliance of Patriots - 5%
Lelo - 5%
New Georgia - 4%
Other 7%

One month before the publication of this research, on July 16, Formula TV also released the data of the research commissioned by it. According to an Edison Research poll, 39% of respondents supported the Georgian Dream, 16% supported the United National Movement, and 3% supported the European Georgia and the Free Democrats coalition. 20 percent of citizens had not yet decided who to vote for.

According to Vice-Speaker Mamuka Mdinaradze, the research commissioned by Rustavi 2 is the closest to reality. He talked about it on the same channel.

"According to the Patriots Alliance, we have 13%, according to the IRI, 33%, according to your data, 52%, and in fact, we have a rating of up to 60%, this is a reality," Mdinaradze said on Rustavi 2.

According to a public opinion poll commissioned by Rustavi 2, conducted by the British company Survation, 81% positively assess the army and 75%- the church. Police are in the third position.

Positively - 81%
Negatively - 9%
Donít know / Refuse to answer - 9%

Positively - 75%
Negatively - 16%
Donít know / Refuse to answer - 9%

Positively - 68%
Negative - 25%
Donít know / Refuse to answer 7%