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The president of Georgia announces the date of the elections

By Anastasia Sokhadze
Tuesday, September 1
With the decrees on calling the elections issued today, the President named October 31st as the date of the elections and addressed the public.

"Today I signed the act of announcing the elections. The parliamentary elections in our country will be held on October 31st, as provided by our constitution. I would like to address the public and urge you to conduct this period, these two months leading up to the elections, as peacefully as possible,” stated the President.

In today’s conditions, when the country has already gone through the Covid pandemic and quite a difficult year, it is necessary to prepare very calmly for the elections.

This election has a special meaning. According to the president, Georgia will reaffirm the democracy of our country.

Just like a few months ago, today the society has shown the world that it can manage such a severe epidemic and show with its high level of awareness that we are responsible citizens.

Zurabishvili believes that Georgia can hold the next elections democratically, peacefully and transparently.

30 years ago, on October 28th, 1990, Georgia held democratic elections even then. The tradition must be continued, must be strengthened and we should present ourselves to the world as an extremely democratic country.

The 2020 parliamentary elections will be held on the 120/30 formula. Georgian voters will elect 120 out of 150 deputies proportionally (instead of 77), and by majority - 30 (instead of 73). The 5% threshold required to enter parliament will be replaced by a one-time 1%. Also, a 40% shutdown also means that a party that fails to get 40% of the votes will not be able to form a one-party majority in parliament.