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Public Defender welcomes the adoption of the Code of the Rights of the Child

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, September 1
Public Defender Nino Lomjaria published a statement regarding the Code of the Rights of the Child, Which enters into force on September 1st, 2020, and forms the basis for the protection of and support for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the child.

Public Defender welcomes the adoption of the code and stresses the importance of the efforts of state authorities for the enforcement of the code, especially against the background of systemic challenges in the direction of protecting and supporting the rights of children in Georgia.

The statement reads that according to the code when making a decision or taking measures in relation to children, "the supreme consideration of the best interests of the child and his/her opinion shall be mandatory," in addition, the code sets the principles of preparation for independent living, development of family support systems, protection from violence, healthcare, and social protection, which should become the basis for the implementation of the state programs.

According to the Public Defender, in order to practically execute the principles declared in the code, it is important to revise the childcare and support system, also to plan timely and effective measures in response to the existing challenges, and to assure effective coordination between the responsible agencies.

The statement reads that the code defines the responsibilities of the Public Defender. According to the novelty, the mandate of the Public Defender is spread on the legal entities of private law, in the part of the implementation of protection and support measures provided by the code.

Public Defender states that for the effective supervision of the introduction of the code, Public Defenderís office has implemented significant measures, in particular, developed child-centered application forms in terms understandable for children, specified the issues of beneficiariesí informed consent and protection of confidentiality and made changes to the internal regulations of Public Defenderís office, as well as to the rules of case proceedings and consideration of complaints/applications.

The statement reads that the Public Defender will actively supervise the proper implementation of the Code on the Rights of the Child by the responsible agencies and legal entities of private law.

Failing to comply with the legal demands of the Public Defender shall result in the imposition of responsibility under the Administrative Offences Code of Georgia.