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Controversy over Axis Homes - People are demanding the interference of the City Hall

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Tuesday, October 27
The construction company Axis has been in charge of three unfinished projects in Saburtalo over several years.

Over 300 families have invested money in the Axis Development complexes and have been waiting for their apartments to finish for more than ten years. They have held multiple protests outside Axis buildings, demanding from the company to complete projects, but, according to those waiting for their flats, the answer is always the same- the company postpones the process of handing over the apartments for next year.

These people say that they are victims of the Axis scheme, claiming that the company took advantage of its good reputation and people’s patience. They have created a Facebook page Axis' Victims / Defrauded by AXIS real estate developers, where they voice their demands to bring these stories to the public.

“You all know that the company Axis is building a tower on Chavchavadze. But you do not know that this company has many victims. The company says that 350 families are affected, but there seems to be more,” reads one of the posts on the Facebook page.

Some of the victims took their claim to court using legal means to protect their interests and won the case. However, the decision of the court is still not enforced.

According to Giorgi Pridonishvili, he bought an apartment in 2006, which was supposed to finish in 2008, but the construction company blamed it on the 2008 war and never finished the apartment.

“We are asking the City Hall and the Mayor to involve us in the unfinished construction support program and complete our constructions,” he said, adding that victims demand the process to be transparent.

They are also asking Mayor Kakha Kaladze to become the mediator with Aleksandre Mezhevidze, one of the founders of the company. They demand from the state to create a plan to solve the issue. According to the campaign, the judiciary must conduct an impartial investigation into the company's activities as well.

The three projects that people are waiting for are Sairme, Bakhtrioni Palace 1, and Bakhtrioni Palace 2. The living complexes are supposed to be finally finished by 2021.