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CEC declares elections as ‘safe amid pandemic’, calls on Georgians to vote

By Liza Norwich-Gerwik
Friday, October 30
The Central Elections Commission of Georgia has released a statement, calling on Georgian citizens to go to elections on October 31st. The CEC noted that the voters’ health is a priority and the situation at all polling stations will be strictly controlled and all the recommendations from WHO will be followed.

“The health of voters and other electoral stakeholders is a top priority for the Central Election Commission (CEC). The Election Administration (EA) with the support of international partners, overcame all challenges which the Coronavirus pandemic put on the agenda. Therefore, the EA will ensure that voters make their own choices in a free, transparent, and safe environment.”

Overall, 3657 polling stations are open throughout the country for the elections. As for citizens under higher risk of Covid-19 infection, those in quarantine or isolation, CEC has ruled out solutions, implementing 127 additional electoral precincts.

“The electoral process in polling stations will be administered independently and will have no bearing with election activities that provide services to risk group voters."

The CEC stated they would ensure that an independent group counts the votes autonomously.