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CEC chairperson says she will resign if votes prove to be inaccurate

By Liza Norwich-Gerwik
Wednesday, November 4
Tamar Zhvania, Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) states that she will resign from post if any of the election results are not counted correctly or responded to properly. Also, the runoff voting will be held as scheduled, the CEC chairperson told Rustavi 2 reporters.

She said she would resign if voting results prove to be inaccurate.

"I will decide to resign if there is no response to any of the consequences as needed. I am saying this with full responsibility," stated Zhvania.

The CEC Chairperson told the media that it's wrong for political parties to question the results of elections for their political reasons and benefits, adding that election results will be published for the public to see and only after they should discuss her resignation.

Tamar Zhvania announced that the second round of elections will be held in any case.

"There is no official procedure for canceling a candidacy. In any case, the first and second place candidates, based on the official results, which will be summarized in the majoritarian party on the 11th day, will be on the ballot," Tamar Zhvania said.

According to Zhvania, Georgian citizens are waiting for their representatives in the parliament.