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Peaceful protest to be continued, United Opposition parties release a joint statement

By Liza Norwich-Gerwik
Wednesday, November 11
European Georgia’s leader David Bakradze voiced four parties' decision to continue peaceful protests in the streets. The parties include European Georgia, Lelo, Girchi, Strategy Builder, and the United National Movement.

According to David Bakradze, parties have revised and finalized the main principles of protesting forged elections: Peaceful rallies will continue on streets, the dialogue will only occur with Georgian Dream if it will regard new dates of Parliamentary elections but this time without electoral fraud. The above-mentioned parties are still refusing their mandates and will not participate in the second round of the parliamentary elections.

“We would like to voice it again that we are not planning on recognizing Parliamentary elections which were frauded, also not participating in the second round of elections and are not entering an illegitimate parliament.

We will continue to protest against electoral fraud. Our demands remain the same: setting dates for the elections to be held again, CEC administration change, and freeing political prisoners. These should be discussed with Ivanishvili, through the mediation of our international partners,” the statement reads.

Four parties also urge the Interior Ministry for police forces to not be in close contact with protesters, because their competence and experiences are not eligible to manage these types of situations within the law. They also called on protesters regardless of which party they are supporting to not engage in a physical confrontation with police forces.

Four of the opposition parties' statements also read that they are ready for long-term peaceful protests and announced new dates for protests in front of the Parliament, November 14 and November 21.

To the question of why only four parties are involved in this announcement, Bakradze said that these four parties have more in common, but noted that they would present it to other parties, and hopefully, they join as well.