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Wednesday, November 11
By The Messenger Staff

Police fines a socially vulnerable person for breaking the curfew

Police have fined a homeless man, Mamuka Diakonidze, 57, with GEL 2000, in front of the Metro Rustaveli around 23:00 for breaking the curfew, which restricts any movement in a few big cities from 22:00 to 5:00. Dekanoidze reported to Radio Liberty about the fact, noting that he has an official status of a socially vulnerable person.

I told them I was a pauper and that I am asking for money in the streets.

For five years now, I have been in this situation. I have many implants, and I require an operation, which they refuse to finance. They made me into a pauper.

Tonight, I have been asking police cars to stop for help, but they keep driving past. I have no home, nowhere to sleep. Here is my cup to collect the money. Would they like me to collect 2000 with this cup?"

A Facebook group Mamuka Diakonidzistvis has been created to help him gather the money for the operation and other expenses. A volunteer lawyer has been found who is willing to help Diakonidze annul his fine.

Lelo appeals the curfew in the Constitutional Court

Tornike Artkmeladze, a member of Lelo-Georgia, held a briefing to announce that the regulation regarding the curfew, which bans any movement from 22:00 to 5:00 is unconstitutional and that the party will appeal against it in the Constitutional Court.

First of all, the Constitution of Georgia directly stipulates that the right of assembly and movement of people during an epidemic may be restricted only during a state of emergency and based on a decree issued by the President," Artkmeladze said.

Artkmeladze stated that they are not going to wait for months until the Constitutional Court decides on this lawsuit. We demand that the ban on movement be suspended before the case is resolved. Lelo demands that the Constitutional Court schedules a hearing as soon as possible.