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Elections 2020: Georgian Dream representatives win every district

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, November 23
The second round of 2020 elections was held on Saturday, November 21. The Election Administration of Georgia has already counted the results, showing that the ruling Georgian Dream party won every majoritarian district.

The number of votes received by the ruling Georgian Dream party is between 88-93% in every majoritarian district. According to the CEC, by 20:00, the voter turnout for the second round was 26.29%. In total, 562,664 people voted in the second round.

ISFED (International Society for Fair Elections And Democracy) reported that the same problems as in the first round were observed. They also noted that the second round of 2020 elections was a step back for the country's democracy.

According to the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Gia Volski, the victory of the Georgian Dream in the elections is caused by several factors. He stated that Georgia is in the leading position by all indicators of the world ranking. He added that competent international institutions had organized the election.

The second round of parliamentary elections was held on November 21, where all 17 majoritarian candidates of the Georgian Dream won. The opposition refused to participate in the second round. They are calling for snap elections. However, the ruling team says that they are not even considering it.

According to the representatives of both the Georgian Dream party and the opposition, the talks will continue. The outcome of the negotiations is uncertain. The opposition is calling for snap elections, whereas there are no signs that the Georgian Dream will agree to this demand.

The talks between the two sides are held with the help of the international representatives in Georgia, including the Ambassador of the United States Kelly Degnan, and the Ambassador of the European Union Carl Hartzell.