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Minister of Economy presents 2020 activity report

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, December 15
The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava presented the 2020 activity report, which includes the activities of the ministry in terms of fighting against the pandemic, as well as supporting the economy.

The minister opened the presentation with a quick review of 2019, since, according to her, the preparedness of the government to handle the pandemic, was largely due to reforms implemented in 2019. Turnava assessed 2019 as a very successful year for the Georgian economy.

According to Turnava, despite the pandemic, the ministry proceeded to implement reforms, improve the efficiency of services, create a more comfortable and attractive environment for businesses and investors. For example, a large-scale privatization project 100 Investment Offers to Business was launched in 2019 and continued operating successfully throughout 2020. Within the framework of this project, 100 parallel auctions have been held constantly, as a result, 88 units have been sold, with a total privatization amount of GEL43 million. According to Turnava, in total, GEL124 million has been mobilized as a result of the privatization of state property.

The minister noted that during 2020, efforts of the entire government team, including the Ministry of Economy has been aimed at implementing anti-crisis measures. She noted that the GEL1200 assistance package project, which has been implemented this year for people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, will also be carried out for the first six months of the following year. She also paid attention to additional financial assistance mobilized during the pandemic, including GEL300 assistance for self-employed people, support packages for vulnerable groups, including large families and people with disabilities, also one-time universal child-oriented assistance (GEL 200), and subsidies for utility costs.

The minister noted that within the anti-crisis plan, several electronic platforms have been created this year, including a business visitor management platform, which despite the restrictions and the pandemic, ensured the safe arrival of business visitors and investors. The minister paid attention to the Remotely From Georgia platform, which enabled foreigners to travel to and work remotely from Georgia.

According to Turnava, the salary fund of state officials will be significantly lowered in 2021, precisely, in the ministry of the economy, it will reduce by approximately GEL 2 million. She also stated that pensions, as well as salaries of teachers, soldiers, and police officers, would increase in 2021.

Turnava stated that the government plans to lift all restrictions on international flights beginning February.