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Opposition changes its plans about holding rallies in process of negotiations with the government

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Thursday, March 4
Opposition parties have temporarily postponed joint protests until the completion of negotiations with the government, which was initiated by the President of the European Council Charles Michel. The big rally, scheduled for March 13, and the picketing of government buildings were postponed until March 20.

“In order not to give the government additional grounds, additional reasons to refuse or disrupt the talks, the opposition decided to temporarily postpone the non-violent rallies until the end of the talks, which was set for March 16,” said a member of the Strategy Aghmashenebeli opposition party Paata Manjgaladze.

UNM member Tina Bokuchava said that as it is very important for the UNM that the opposition works together. Instead of holding a rally at the administrative building of the Government of Georgia on March 5, they will drive in a convoy from Republic Square to Rustavi Prison, where Nika Melia is serving his sentence.

Opposition leaders gathered on Rustaveli Avenue a few days ago and decided to picket government buildings. The government administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Court were scheduled to be picketed from March 5 to 13, including a large rally in front of the parliament on March 13.

The political crisis was exacerbated by the arrest on February 23 of the arrest of Nika Melia, the leader of the United National Movement. Against the background of the current crisis, the first dialogue between the government and the opposition, initiated by the President of the European Council Charles Michel took place on 1 February.

The next day, the opposition organized a picketing rally at the Parliament building, which Georgian Dream described as destructive.

“The attempt to picket the parliament, which is against the interests of the state and our people," he said.