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Citizens over 55 to register for vaccination starting April 5

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Thursday, April 1
Starting April 5, citizens of Georgia over 55 can register for the vaccine against coronavirus. Minister of Health Ekaterine Tikaradze explained that this decision was based on observations of interest and activity of citizens aged 65 or more, as well as great demand of the 55-65 age group.

In addition, the Vaccination Council decided to include patients on dialysis and organ transplants in the vaccination as well, since they are considered as one of the highest risk carriers’ groups involved in social activities. As the minister clarified, windows opened for them will be provided by the National Health Agency to the Centers for Disease Control to make everything transparent. “They are also attached to specific institutions and therefore will be vaccinated on the spot in the institutions where they undergo dialysis therapy,” Tikaradze announced.

Until now, vaccinations could be given to members of the medical field or persons over 65.

As Tikaradze reported, spare lists are being created in Georgia to avoid wasting vaccines. Police and the army will be included in these lists. In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, there is a dose for 6 people in one pack, and the case of AstraZeneca 10. If the doses are not consumed on the same day, it goes bad. The minister said the waste at this stage is about 3%.

Minister also announced that 1 million doses of the final communication with Pfizer had been agreed on the vaccine and that Georgia is waiting for specific details and confirmation from Pfizer.

Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia said that the registration for Pfizer vaccination will be resumed from April 15 and communication is underway with mobile clinics to add places before April 15 if possible. More than 10 thousand doses are reserved for Pfizer doses at this stage. There have been slightly more than 14 thousand doses.

Recall that recently, Pfizer has shared the results of the study, which showed that the vaccine is safe for children aged 12 to 15 years. In terms of efficacy, however, it showed higher, 100% efficacy than adults in this age group in terms of disease prevention. The company plans to undergo an accelerated authorization with the US regulator in the coming weeks. The results of this study have not yet been reviewed. More than 2,000 adolescents participated in the study.

According to the company, the side effects in adults are pin-prick pain, irritability, and headache.

The U.S. regulator issued a Pfizer distribution permit in the country on December 12, 2020, to vaccinate citizens aged 16 and older.

According to the latest information, 616 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in the last 24 hours. 268 people recovered and 5 patients died. A total of 3,778 people have died from the virus since the pandemic spread.