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Nika Melia agrees for MEPs to act as his guarantors

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, April 26
According to the National Movement's Chairman Nika Melia, he accepts Members of the European Parliament as guarantors. He said this during a phone interview with the Mtavari channel.

“It is absolutely acceptable for the MEPs to act as my guarantors.”

Melia says he finds GD’s comments “comical” regarding how the agreement doesn’t involve such a point.

He added that the agreement also doesn’t state that he should have to pay bail, which has been offered to him.

Melia also addressed the amnesty law, stating that the police officers responsible for the violent acts during the June 20-21 demonstrations should not be pardoned under any circumstances.

“Believe me, the socio-political crisis will deepen significantly in the country, if the amnesty law is extended to at least one violent police officer, I am deeply convinced of that,” he stated.

He urged opposition MPs not to vote for the amnesty bill if the Georgian Dream states that it also extends to members of the law enforcement agencies.

The paper, drafted at the initiative of European Council President Charles Michel, states that the parties shall respond to the issues considered as “politicized justice” within a week of signing, by amnesty and/or measures that would lead to a similar outcome.

The topic of the amnesty bill was accompanied by a series of concerns about who will be affected by this law. Part of civil society and the opposition is against the law being extended to members of law enforcement that took part in the rally's dispersal.

Now former Speaker of the Parliament Archil Talakvadze stated that the amnesty bill would be enacted in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Georgian Dream, he claims, has “no subjective interest” in the matter.

The opposition parties are set to register the amnesty bill in the Parliament on April 27.

Political party Lelo leaders asked the MEPs to act as Melia’s guarantors during their visit to Brussels.

Salome Samadashvili, a previous United National Movement member, also supports the initiative for MEPs to act as Melia’s guarantors.

“It should be noted that the text of the agreement envisages any possible way to free Nika, not just the amnesty or bail,” Samadashvili said.

MEP Andrius Kubilius expressed his readiness to discuss acting as a guarantor with Formula Channel. According to him, there are many people in the European Parliament who support Georgia and offer their personal guarantees to Melia.

The agreement between the ruling team and opposition was mediated by the European Council President Charles Michel and was signed last week.