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EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell speaks on the importance of Georgia-EU relations

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, May 10
Yesterday, on May 9, EU-member countries celebrated Europe Day. The Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, Carl Hartzell talked about the importance of the partnership with Georgia. As he said, successful and independent Georgia will benefit the population as well as the partners of the country, including the whole region of the European Union.

“Today, we, as Europeans, know that this has been the right path to follow, that cooperation and partnership is indeed the benefit to all. We have been extending this philosophy also in our external relations, including with a close partner like Georgia,” said Hartzell.

He also added that the partnership between the two countries is very important, and that he is proud that the EU stood by Georgia and assisted the country to successfully fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hartzell noted that the EU has been supporting the country financially, was providing support, and needed knowledge. He also added that the EU will continue supporting the country in the future as well.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili wished the European Union a happy Europe Day. He noted that Georgia, from the day of its independence, has been aspiring to become part of Europe.

“Georgians are proud to be one of the creators of European culture. Since the restoration of independence, we have been striving for our natural environment - the European space. I believe that European Unity needs Georgia just as much as we need Europe,” noted Georgian PM.

Garibashvili once again talked about the importance of the European Union Association Agreement signed in 2014 as well as the visa-free travel. According to Garibashvili, Georgian-European relations have never been as strong as they are today.

He also added that Georgia will apply for full membership in the European Union in 2024.

Yesterday, on May 9, the European Union and its member countries marked Europe Day, which celebrates peace and unity in the region. Europe Day was also celebrated in Georgia with the theme 'Stronger with the EU'. While celebrating Europe Day, on the evening of May 9 and 10, landmarks around the country will be illuminated with the EU colours.