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Renovated Kutaisi International Airport opens

By Khatia Bzhalava
Thursday, June 10
Kutaisi International Airport opened yesterday after renovation works. The old and new terminals have been merged, and now the airport is six times bigger than before, capable to serve 2.5 million passengers annually and 1,200 passengers simultaneously. Due to the expansion of the airport, the total area increased from 4, 800 to 30,000 square meters.

The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Irakli Karseladze, Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava, and local government officials. According to Turnava, the number of airlines that operated at Kutaisi International Airport before the pandemic has almost been restored.

According to the PM, Kutaisi International airport is “one of the most growing, developing and successful projects.”

The renovated airport now has seven gates, a green roof, and a terrace. The number of registration counters has increased from 10 to 18, including two baggage drop-offs, where passengers will be able to hand over their luggage if registered online. The area for commercial activities has been increased from 200 to 2,000 square meters. The airport will employ about 1,200 people.

In addition to the modern design, Kutaisi International Airport is equipped with the latest technologies, including a fully automated baggage sorting system, designed by the Polish company DIMARK specifically for Kutaisi International Airport.

The renovation process which cost $35 million started in November 2017. The airport expansion project employed more than 500 people, and more than 100 leading Georgian and foreign companies were involved.

Kutaisi Airport is the second-largest international airport in Georgia, with an average annual growth of 35%.