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Thursday, June 10
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Georgian Manganese employees end hunger strike

Shukrut hunger strikers ended their hunger strike yesterday after reaching an agreement with the company Georgian Manganese and are returning home.

At the request of Georgian Manganese, details of the deal are not known to the public.

Residents of the village of Shukruti in Chiatura demanded attention and protection of property rights for 110 days.

Some protesters took part in the protest and resorted to extreme forms of protest.

After reporting violence, teenager is asked to leave patriarchate-owned dormitory

18-year-old Luka Khachidze, who grew up in Ninotsminda boarding school, was evicted from the dormitory of Tbel Abuseridze University.

The reason is the information provided to the police about the facts of violence in the boarding house.

Tbel Abuseridze University is also run by Archbishop Spiridon.

Luka Khachidze recalls years of living in Ninotsminda boarding house and cases of violence with the formula. He says that the clergyman always had information about cases of violence, which he regarded as ‘methods of upbringing.”

Parliament supports amnesty law

77 for, 23 against - Parliament supported the Georgian Dream draft amnesty law in the second reading.

Two versions of the amnesty bill were registered in the parliament: the government and the opposition.

Yesterday, on June 9, the Parliament considered the version of the Georgian Dream amnesty law in the second reading and voted.

The draft law registered by the Georgian Dream states that all persons who committed crimes in connection with the events of June 19-21, 2019 are exempt from criminal liability and punishment and do not refuse to be granted amnesty.