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Tuesday, June 22
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Turnava: Drama around Namakhvani HPP is exaggerated

Speaking to BMG, the Minister of Economy, Natia Turnava, hopes that the state will find common ground with the Rioni guards and will find a compromise.

At the same time, according to Turnava, "the history of Namakhvani HPP, the drama is a bit exaggerated and as a result of the myths accumulated in the last 30 years in the country.”

Negotiations between the government and the Rioni guards began on June 13. The meeting, which lasted 9 hours, raised three issues: the removal of iron barricades and freedom to enter the valley, the withdrawal of large numbers of police from the valley and the cessation of repression; Return of the protest to the original site in the village of Namokhvani and complete suspension of the ongoing works in the gorge until the issue of the HPP is resolved

Rallies against Namakhvani HPP have been going on for almost a year. From May 23 to May 26, 2021, protesters have been fighting against the construction of the HPP in Tbilisi as well. Then they decided to return to the valley.

Coordinating Council to discuss the issue of curfew today

According to the head of the National Center for Disease Control Amiran Gamkrelidze, the curfew's coordinating council is expected to be discussed today. Accordingly, after the board meeting, it will be announced whether the movement restriction will be lifted or not.

“The Coordination Council meets once a week. Most likely, there will be a council today, then a press conference and this question will be answered,” Gamkrelidze said.