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MFAs of Associated Trio meet Joseph Borrell

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Friday, June 25
The first joint visit of the Foreign Ministers of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova to Brussels to present a new format of cooperation - the Associated Trio, which was established as another means of supporting the European integration of three countries, started yesterday. Leaders met with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrell.

“We are considering this region as a priority in terms of our support and commitments. Often, we in the EU see what we have been able to create as a self-existent area - a zone of prosperity, security and opportunity for all,” Borrell said, adding he welcomes closer coordination between Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as their pursuit of stronger cooperation with the EU.

According to him, a crucial aspect of the Eastern Partnership is to build ties not only between the EU and its partners, but also between the mentioned partners as well. Borrell emphasized that rapprochement with the EU requires the work of all parties, there are important areas in each country that need to be explored in detail and in depth. “We can only bring the legislation closer, deepen cooperation and develop joint work, If these reforms are fully implemented and put into effect. The EU respectfully stands by each of you in this effort and supports you politically and financially,” Borrell said.

According to him, together with the European Commission, he is completing analysis of 2020 agenda and the current year is important for the Eastern Partnership, because at the Summit in December, the new agenda will be launched.

According to Georgia foreign minister Davit Zalkaliani, Associated Trio is involved in a complex reform process aimed at consolidating democratic institutions and bringing them closer to the EU. As Zalkaliani noted, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova face the same challenges related to the security of the countries, conflict with Russia being the most serious one among them.

"We look forward to the EU's increased involvement in promoting peace and security in the region," he said after meeting with Ukrainian and Moldovan Foreign Ministers, EU High Representative. According to Zalkaliani, the issue of peaceful settlement of the Russian-Georgian conflict should be actively presented on the European agenda.

“One of the reasons for the establishment of the Associated Trio is to change the situation. We need to set our own agenda, we need to be more proactive,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. According to him, this is the first case when the European Union did not offer a format for relations with the Eastern Partnership countries, but the Eastern neighbors came to them in their own format.