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Friday, June 25
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Edison research: 43%, consider the April 19 agreement to be favorable for everyone

According to a survey by Edison Research, a large proportion of respondents, 43%, consider the April 19 agreement submitted by the EU to be equally favorable to all parties.

16% of the population think that the agreement was favorable for the Georgian Dream, while 9% think that the Michel document was favorable for the opposition. According to 8% of the population, the agreement was not favorable for either party.

12% of respondents say they have no information about this agreement.

As part of the survey, 1,500 eligible voters aged 18 and over living in Georgia were interviewed across the country using face-to-face surveying. Including 800 in Tbilisi, outside the 700 capitals. The survey was conducted from June 7 to 19. The error of the results is +/- 3%.

Gharibashvili: Amnesty will apply to those fined for violating regulations during the pandemic

According to Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili, amnesty will apply to those who have been held administratively or criminally liable for violating pandemic regulations.

Gharibashvili stated this at a briefing today and clarified that the relevant bills were submitted to the parliament today.

According to Gharibashvili, the amnesty will apply to fines imposed for violating the rules of isolation, quarantine, and wearing a mask.

According to the government administration, violation of quarantine and isolation rules also includes violation of curfew.

Two bills have been introduced in Parliament today, dealing with individuals who have been held administratively or criminally liable for regulations imposed under pandemic conditions.