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Wednesday, June 30
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Patriarchate urges government to stop supporting Pride Week

In connection with Pride Week, the Patriarchate calls on the authorities to ‘avoid destabilizing the country’ and ‘inevitable stir. In the homophobic statement, they called on MEPs and embassies to refrain from supporting and encouraging Tbilisi Pride.

In addition, the Patriarchate makes misinformation and discriminatory assessments of the LGBT community and their activities in the statement.

“The organizers of the planned Pride are propagating a non-traditional way of life under the guise of protecting human rights; It contains signs of provocation and conflicts with socially recognized moral norms and aims to legalize grave sin. [...]

We appeal to the 30 members of the European Parliament's LGBTQ+ working group and the heads of embassies accredited in Georgia to refrain from supporting and encouraging Tbilisi Pride.”

On June 28, 28 MEPs issued a statement calling on the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Government of Georgia to effectively and properly protect the participants of the Tbilisi Pride, to ensure the universal right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

WizzAir to resume operating in Kutaisi

According to the Ministry of Economy, Wizz Air will resume flights to Milan, Prague, Athens, Thessaloniki, Larnaca and Memmingen during the summer navigation season.

According to them, flights until the end of the season will be performed once a week. Airline tickets are already available on the company’s website.

“At this stage, direct flights from Kutaisi to Europe will be available in 14 destinations in 9 countries. In July, 153 direct flights will be operated from Kutaisi International Airport. Of these, 111 direct flights will be operated to Europe and 42 to Central Asia. WizzAir as well as FLYARYSTAN plans to gradually increase both directions and frequencies during summer,” the ministry said.