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Wednesday, July 7
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Tbilisi Pride and its supporters hold a silent protest rally

Tbilisi Pride members waved the LGBT flag and colored smoke at the rally on Rustaveli Avenue. They performed at a silent rally. The rally for "Freedom" is being held against the background of a violent contraction.

The situation has escalated several times as members of the violent group threw stones and eggs in the direction of the silent protest. They tried to break through the police cordon, but the police arrested several people.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet commented on the number of detainees.

Contract participants, members of violent and homophobic groups are trying to break through the police cordon and cross into the area where the rally for Freedom is taking place.

MIA: We warn the organizers of both rallies, political leaders, not to allow violence

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued a statement regarding the current events in front of the Parliament and called on the citizens gathered on Rustaveli Avenue to obey the demands of the police during the gathering and expression.

In a statement, the agency warned both sides, protesters and violent groups not to allow calls for violence.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized in connection with the ongoing rallies on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi and are maintaining public order.