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Part of the opposition names Melia as Tbilisi mayoral candidate, Khoshtaria as chairperson of City Assembly

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, July 26
Part of the opposition has nominated Nika Melia, Chairman of the United National Movement, as the Tbilisi mayoral candidate. According to Melia, the United National Movement will not nominate majoritarian candidates in any of the districts in Tbilisi and will support the majoritarian candidates of the opposition.

As for the Tbilisi Sakrebulo, Elene Khoshtaria was named as the candidate for Sakrebulo chairperson. “Today, Elene and I are coming forward as representatives of a multi-party coalition. Me, as a candidate for Tbilisi Mayor, and Elene, as a candidate for the Sakrebulo chairperson,” said Melia.

Elene Khoshtaria, the leader of the political movement Droa, said that it is time for everyone to stand above their party interests and show the power of unity to those who are destroying the country.

The leader of the political party Girchi - More Freedom wrote on Facebook about the agreement regarding the October 2 elections. He said that part of the opposition agreed that Girchi would have a Vice-Mayor candidate and a few majoritarian candidates, who “will hopefully receive adequate support from the opposition parties.”

He also said that as of now, the main goal is for the opposition to receive over 58% of the votes. He also said that his party will try to have a representative in every single municipality for the elections, apart from Tbilisi.

Former Prime Minister and founder of the party For Georgia Giorgi Gakharia says that they are not going to ally with any of the opposition parties. He told reporters about it but did not specify when he will nominate a mayoral candidate.

Asked by a journalist whether he would be the Tbilisi mayoral candidate himself, Gakharia did not answer and said that he would not drop any names.

As of now, only Nika Melia and Kakha Kaladze have officially announced to be running as candidates for Tbilisi Mayor. In addition, it is also known that a part of the opposition will support Melia, in particular, European Georgia, Droa, and Girchi - More Freedom, will be supporting Melia.

Also, Elene Khoshtaria is named as the candidate for Sakrebulo Chairperson, and the representative of Girchi will run as a candidate for Vice-Mayor. It is also known that the UNM will not nominate any majoritarian candidates in Tbilisi, and Girchi will have at least three seats. Negotiations are still underway.

Some of the other opposition parties have not yet supported the candidates. The position of Lelo is unknown, while the Strategy Agmashenebeli is planning to have their representatives.