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Friday, July 30
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Khoshtaria: Boycott would be surrender, we have to fight

“What the Georgian Dream told us yesterday was an open statement on their pro-Russian course and on the Georgian government's anti-Western sentiments. They said that the agreement with the European Union means nothing to them. This is a challenge for all citizens of Georgia,” stated Sakrebulo Chairman candidate Elene Khoshtaria regarding the Georgian Dream’s refusal to follow the Charles Michelle agreement.

“Nika Melia and I, all the parties that are united in this coalition, are absolutely principled in this struggle, to make a choice in favor of a coalition, diverse government. We do not even discuss, we are not going to be on the agenda of the Georgian Dream. No boycott, boycott would be surrender, we have to fight,” Khoshtaria added.

Nika Melia is leaving Parliament

Nika Melia, the chairman of the United National Movement, Tbilisi mayoral candidate, is leaving the mandate of a member of parliament.

As Melia noted, he intends to concentrate entirely on self-government elections together with Tbilisi Sakrebulo candidate Elene Khoshtaria.

Yesterday, July 28, Georgian Dream annulled the Charles Michel agreement. The ruling party rejects the obligation to hold snap elections if less than 43% are taken, noting that elections may be called in 53% of cases, although this will depend on the ruling team’s ‘good will’ and a number of other denominators.