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Wednesday, August 25
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

UNM’s Melia responds to Lomjaria’s advice to postpone elections

“We are losing up to 60 people a day, if professionals think that this slaughter can be stopped only by imposing a lockdown or postponing the elections, Imnadze, Gamkrelidze and Tsertsvadze should talk about it,” UNM’s mayoral candidate in Tbilisi Nika Melia stated about it, responding to the statement of the Public Defender Nino Lomjaria about her advice to postpone elections.

"The government, unfortunately, used the coronavirus situation for political manipulations, making decisions based on political expediency and not taking real steps. So now it is really a task of national importance for the epidemiologists and doctors part of the Coordinating Council to tell the public what awaits us. At the moment there is a complete vacuum and they are practically taking a step in the dark and in this darkness we are losing up to 60 people a day, what is also important is that - if professionals believe that stopping this slaughter is only possible by imposing a lockdown or postponing elections, we are talking about professionals, right? - Mr. Gamkrelidze, Imnadze, Tsertsvadze, these people should talk about it, they know best how difficult the situation is, they should come out and tell the public, including the opposition parties, what should be done tomorrow. If this is to be done and professionals say that the health care system can no longer withstand the pressure, and based on our information it can no longer withstand - there is a serious difference of opinion between the government and epidemiologists - the discussion about it should be launched by them. Therefore, we will naturally face reality,” stated Melia.

Kobakhidze says UNM admits defeat by trying to postpone elections

“We see that the United National Movement has launched a joint campaign to postpone the self-government elections, which is a preliminary recognition of the election defeat,” said Irakli Kobakhidze, GD chairman of the Georgian Dream.

“This is an expression of fear for the elections, we remember the same campaign from the previous year, Nino Lomjaria started this campaign in 2020, then "Shame" continued it, this time Nino Lomjaria started and then Misha Mshvildadze from "Shame" continued this campaign. All this shows that the "National Movement" is very afraid of the upcoming elections. It was also the same in 2020, when the Public Defender launched this campaign. The National Movement, with its various branches, is a very bad phenomenon. Everyone should prepare for the elections and show the public what resources they have.

The opposition is weakened, they naturally feel it, and therefore each party, most of the opposition parties, is happy with the postponement of the elections, and this is the result of the campaign they launched today. However, this is a campaign dictated by pure political interests and has no basis. Therefore, we advise them to accept the defeat and prepare for the elections, which will probably bring them certain mandates in some of the municipalities.”