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NATO PA Resolution Mentions Georgia’s Occupied Territories

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Wednesday, October 13
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) resolutions adopted on October 11 say that PA reaffirmed support to Georgia’s territorial integrity and its Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations and is concerned over grave human rights violations and ethnic discrimination against Georgians in the country’s occupied territories of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region (South Ossetia).

Resolution 470 stressed the ‘necessity of the implementation of the EU-mediated ceasefire agreement’ by the Russian Federation and underscores the right of internally displaced people (IDP) and refugees ‘to return to their homes.’ The NATO PA condemns Russia’s ‘ongoing violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.’ The document condemned “Russia’s ongoing violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova,” and Moscow’s “persistent efforts to destabilize these countries, to derail their European and/or Euro-Atlantic integration, and to incite reckless and irresponsible escalations.”

PA resolution urged member governments and parliaments to step up NATO’s support for the efforts of Georgia and Ukraine to accelerate their process of Euro-Atlantic integration, to signal solidarity with Georgia and Ukraine through increased joint exercises and practical support to their ability to defend themselves, and to continue to denounce Russia’s temporary occupation and illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, including in the NATO-Russia Council.

Resolution 471 called on governments and legislatures of the Allied states ‘to reaffirm their commitment to NATO’s Open Door policy and to step up support for Ukraine, Georgia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and to help them accelerate their Euro-Atlantic integration.’