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Tuesday, November 30
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

SSS-ystem should be destroyed’ -Rally Planned on November 30 in Front of the SSS Building

A rally under the name SSS-ystem Should Be Destroyed’ was announced on November 30, at 15:00 in front of the SSS building.

“The Georgian Dream retains power at the expense of the State Security Service. The state institution governed by the ruling party, to which we have paid the total of 800 million in 6 years, is monitoring our every move through total surveillance. The 2021 elections were conducted not by the CEC but by the State Security Service. Everything that until now we thought was an integral part of the Soviet past, the government has revived in real life.

We’re meeting at the State Security Service building, protesting against the illegal, immoral and degrading activities of the SSS,” said the organizers of the rally: Shame, Droa, Lelo for Georgia, Foxes, and Change parties.