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Economist Ramaz Gerliani Disappears After Exposing Police

By The Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 21
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the disappearance of economist Ramaz Gerliani.

Family members are still searching for the missing. His traces disappear near the Avchala police station, where his car is parked.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting investigative actions in Ramaz Gerliani's office and car.

The Facebook post posted by Ramaz Gerliani before his disappearance is no longer available. In the post, he accused the police of terror.

"I'm disgraced, disrespected, and my dignity has been violated! All my blood is burning inside me. Every breath has been tortured for more than a month.

On November 14, I met him in my apartment and he interrogated me with a false motive, insulting me ... I am devastated!" He wrote on his Facebook post, which he posted on December 19, at 8:40 AM.

Gerliani said law enforcement officers tried to intimidate his family members. He also published information about an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who, according to him, was collecting information about him using a police uniform, both through the police system and through various means.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation under Article 143 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates illegal deprivation of liberty.