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Ombudsman's Council Concludes on Saakashvili: Balance, Weakness, Depression

By The Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 20, 2022
The Council of Physicians created by the Ombudsman has published the third report on Mikheil Saakashvili's health condition.

It is signed by 8 medical experts.

According to the Public Defender, Nino Lomjaria, since the last visit on December 12, there has been no change in treatment approaches and no recommendations on Saakashvili's psychological and physical rehabilitation have been implemented.

According to the report, Saakashvili's condition is still unsatisfactory, adding he has an imbalance, weakness, anemia, and post-traumatic disorder.

The patient's condition remains unsatisfactory, the neurological symptoms remain, and have not improved since December 12. Symptoms of polyneuropathy, imbalance, weakness, as well as anemia, remain.

According to the conclusion of the council, it is important to include psychological and physical rehabilitation in Saakashvili's medical treatment. According to Tsuladze, the rehabilitation will also help restore the former president's diet.

However, Consilium believes that in terms of additional studies, Saakashvili should undergo magnetic resonance imaging and in case of disease progression should continue treatment with appropriate studies.

“Our conclusion is that in addition to medical treatment, which is more or less satisfactory, I think that psychological and physical rehabilitation should be involved in the treatment. It is less realistic in prison, but it should not be impossible and should be tried, we have no other recommendations at this stage.

Psychotherapy and physical rehabilitation will also help to restore his adequate nutritional regime, in terms of additional research, we believe that magnetic resonance imaging should be performed.

“Neurological point of view needs to be monitored and in case the disease progresses, appropriate studies should be conducted according to the symptoms,” the council concluded.