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30th Anniversary of US-Georgia Diplomatic Relations

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Thursday, January 27, 2022
US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan has delivered a speech in celebration of 30 years of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the US at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on 26th of January.

“Georgians and Americans are friends by nature, because we have a lot in common: a love of freedom, family, faith, helping others succeed, and also appreciating and respecting diversity and diversity…Our long friendship is represented by people like the American astrophysicist Carl Sagan, who believed that the Georgian song ‘Chakrulo’ embodies the subtle diversity of human achievements,” the ambassador said, adding that common interests are values make these countries natural partners.

She spoke on her country’s behalf that as a result of our 30 years of cooperation, the US is proud to have earned the confidence and friendship of the people of Georgia. There is a deep reserve of trust and respect that has developed as they navigated the difficult transitions Georgia has gone through.

“The United States is concerned about Georgia's progress because we care about the Georgian people and believe that Georgians deserve to achieve their goals and become full members of the transatlantic family.”

“That trust and respect is precious to us,” she said, reaffirming that Georgia and the US are ‘strategic partners’, and the US is ‘very proud’ to be assisting Georgia in strengthening democracy, addressing geopolitical challenges and growing the economy.

In her speech, Degnan pointed out that despite Russia's efforts to destabilize the region, Georgia remains ‘undeterred’ towards NATO and EU membership, and the US supports Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“Even as Russia threatens Europe's 75 years of security and stability with its aggressive actions against Ukraine, Georgia remains steadfast in its adherence to these values and its commitment to NATO and EU membership. This resolute decision means that the US stands with the Georgian people and supports those who uphold our common values, despite the difficult geopolitical environment and opponents who seek to undermine Georgia's independence and sovereignty through coercion and aggression.”

“In stark contrast to Russia’s disrespect for Georgia’s culture, faith, language, and traditions, the United States, Europe, and Georgia have a common vision of shared prosperity, freedom, and dignity based on mutual respect,” she noted.

The ambassador stressed that Russia has clearly shown that it does not respect the sovereignty of Georgia and other countries. It is the only country in Europe that has occupied the territories of other sovereign states. It is the only country in Europe that gathers troops on a neighboring border. It was Russia that destroyed the First Republic of Georgia in 1921, insulted the Georgian churches and made an unsuccessful attempt to suppress the Georgian language. In contrast to Russia's disrespect for Georgian culture, faith, language and traditions, the United States, Europe and Georgia share a common vision of prosperity, freedom and dignity.

Ambassador Degnan said that the US is looking forward to celebrating Georgia's achievements in many years to come.

As for the future of diplomatic relations, the US Ambassador emphasized that the vision for the next 30 years and beyond is an optimistic one that promotes peace, a healthy democracy, and prosperity in the region, but it faces challenges that need to be addressed today. Georgia’s economy is struggling to offer sufficient economic opportunities to keep many of its most talented citizens from leaving, at a great loss to the country. In addition, Georgia’s political, legal, and governance institutions remain under-developed and fall short of meeting its democratic ideals, stunted by a highly partisan and polarized political environment.

According to her, Georgia’s greatest victory will be its success in building a prosperous, secure, vibrant democracy and the American people are proud to be part of that historic effort.

Georgia and the US established diplomatic ties in 1992, following Georgia's restoration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.