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Statement of Rally in Support of Ukraine

By The Messenger Staff
Monday, April 4, 2022
“For Ukraine and our freedom” - this is the name of a rally in support of Ukraine in front of the parliament in Tbilisi.

There are no speeches at the rally. The organizers released footage of the war in Ukraine on a screen mounted in front of the parliament, as well as included Ukrainian songs.

The organizers of the action are: Freedom Institute, Voter Education Society, European Georgia and Tabula.

The rally statement reads:

“For more than a month, the Ukrainian people have been defending their freedom from evil, at great cost of blood!

The world is divided into black and white, support for freedom today means support for Ukraine, and it is a matter of dignity for all self-respecting nations!

The Georgian government violates our national dignity, it presents us as a society that does not know the enemy and condemns the lover, who has not learned to be smart from the past, is ready to give up freedom for the illusion of security and, as a result, lose both freedom and security!

100 years ago, our democracy lasted three years before it was conquered by a Russian monster and stripped its brain, heart and soul!

We have been doing it for 30 years now! But if we continue like this, there is a great danger that we will be trapped in the swamp of Putin's defeat with the free world and lose the historical opportunity to establish ourselves in the free world.

Now, as never before, we need to gather strength, recall what lies at stake, and unite to defend our historic goal.

European Georgia, the Freedom Institute, Tabula and the Voter Education Society will hold a rally on April 3 in support of Ukraine and our freedom.

You will hear the words at the rally, but there will be no speakers. The action is dedicated to the national goal.

A goal that is far greater than all of us and gives us the strength to unite when we walk the streets uncooperatively, regardless of party tastes.

On April 3, at 20:00, we will gather in front of the Parliament to support Ukraine, to deploy force and to declare a common goal! Long live free Ukraine and Georgia!”