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::: Medea s01e06 :::

Friday, April 8, 2022

Royal District Theatre, Premiere: 10,12,13 April / 20:00

::: Medea s01e06 :::

Author and director: Paata Tsikolia

About the play:

Medea is not a virgin, blind with passion, and captured by Jason's love. Nor does she help the Greeks to steal the golden fleece out of love. Medea is the princess of Colchis, the heir to the throne of Colchis, opposing her father and brother, driven by a desire for revenge against the king, his family, and the kingdom of Colchis. Her plan is not to overthrow Jason, but to overthrow Colchis, his father's family, and the Colchian culture.

Paata Tsikolia's new take on the story offers an entirely unexpected interpretation of Medea's myth.

Medea is still in her homeland, and the blood-soaked coast of Colchis is the soil on which this mythical figure grew up.

In 2021, the play won the Saba Literary Award for Best Drama.

Main Cast:

Gia Burjanadze, Eka Demetradze, Sandro Samkharadze

Author and director: Paata Tsikolia / Artist: Ira Shengelia / Choreographer: Natia Chikvaidze / Composer: Tamar Putkaradze / Animation: Iva Kimeridze / Artist-decorator: Zura Digmelashvili / Technical director: Natia Shalikashvili / Dancers: Nini Gogobiaishvili , Ksenia Semyonova, Maria Shalagina, Natia Chikvaidze, Teona Tsitsakishvili / Photo: Levan Chkonia / Poster: Iva Kimeridze

The play was supported by the Georgian Regional Theater Network and Tbilisi City Hall.

Tickets: 2996171 /