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EU Delegation to Georgia Premieres Documentary on Europe Day

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
On May 9 Georgian and European Union marked Europe Day, commemorating the anniversary of the historic 'Schuman declaration', which laid a foundation for peaceful and unified Europe. On the occasion of the date, the Delegation of EU to Georgia premiered a documentary film ‘Europe and Me’ which unites stories from four regions of Georgia — Kakheti, Racha, Guria, and Imereti. According to the EU embassy to Georgia, the movie demonstrates the shared values of Georgia and Europe, including democracy, human rights, freedom, and equality.

According to the embassy, the movie combines stories of different people from Georgia’s regions - the shepherd and cook Irakli from Udabno village in Kakheti who shows how a diverse society can enrich your life; Tengiz from Racha who is a radio collector and a great example of always striving for freedom; football players from Guria who qualified for the European Champions League for the first time in Georgian history; Akaki and Leonor, active citizens from Kutaisi who are trying to make our society healthier and our environment greener.

As EU Ambassador, Carl Hartzell has told media representatives, topics covered in this film are democracy, diversity, equality, and freedom. Ambassador noted that the values the EU and Georgia share are springing from the same source. According to him, the 1921 Constitution of the First Republic of Georgia is an example that “Georgia was, in so many ways, already more advanced than other parts of Europe.”

As Ambassador Hartzell told journalists, the theme of the movie has become more relevant after the Georgian government submitted a membership application to the European Union. According to him, the process leading to EU membership is not only about aspirations, but it is also about complying with the relevant criteria, including political and economic principles.

“It is important that Georgia seized this opportunity, which will require tough political decisions and the mobilization of the whole society behind these goals,” Hartzell stated.

According to the ambassador, the screenings of the movie would be held in different parts of Georgia. He also stated that the EU is willing to engage with young European ambassadors that have an interest in holding discussions around the themes of the movie. As he stated, if someone was willing to take the movie to Europe and bring the message to a broader audience, the EU Embassy in Georgia would be glad to support this initiative.

The movie is directed by Giorgi Kvelidze, the creative director is George Gadrani, story producer – Tako Kvelidze, producer - Nutsi Malashkhia, cinematographer - Josh Braunreuther, and editors- Levan Butkhuzi and Charlotte Savage.